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Empowerment Speaker  |  Family Life Coach  |  T.V Personality!  |  Best-Selling Author  |   Transformation Expert  |  Youth Development & Family Expert | Teen and University Speaker!


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Michael is much more than motivational! He's a transformational speaker and empowers your audience to action! Michael is also great for high schools and universities! 

A Life Coach for YOUR Small Group!

Nationally, both men and women's groups seek Michael to come to their small gathering and produce transformation!  Small groups also request an "Author Talk " in their homes!

Youth & Parenting

Is it really hard to be a good parent? How do I connect with my kids and raise them to be self-sufficient?? With small, tangible steps, I'll show you how!

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  • College & University Speaker
  • High School Empowerment
  • Kids & Parenting 
  • Connecting with Kids! 
  • Teen Center (Teenage DRAMA)
  • Youth EMPOWERMENT & Positive Esteem!
  • Succeed in School


  • Learn to "Live ONpurpose"- The New Normal for YOU!
  • Finding Your "Purpose"
  • Soul Vitamins!
  • Family Life Coaching
  • Self-Empowerment & Love
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Navigating through Change


  • Panelist - Topics 
  • Professional Development Expert
  • Leadership
  • Urban Education
  • Juvenile Justice
  • College & Young Adult! 
  • Author Talks  & Panelist


  • Tips & Advice
  • Conflict Resolution
  •  Healthy Relationships
  • Relationship Advisor
  • Communication Tips


Are you Living ONpurpose? How do you know?

Get Ready... Get Set... GROW!

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Learn  why you were created and how you, too, can be fulfilled and maximized!!

Soul Vitamins!

Finding Your Purpose!

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Michael McGill Jr

Upcoming Events:

July 10, 2014

(Private) Training

- Denver, CO

July 15-18, 2014

Empowerment & Lecture

- Philadelphia, PA

July 30, 2014

Private Lecture

- Des Moines, IA